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I hope you believe there isn't anything you can't do.

Love  Strength Beauty

I hope a few of these things help you on you get there.

Gratitude Practice & Morning Mediations 

Create Space

I began gratitude practice after reading "Switch on Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She explained the science and the psychology of how to rewire your brain for positive thought. That was about 5 years ago. I've maintained it as a daily practice with my morning meditations because the time at the start of my day sets the trajectory of the day to be more centered and at rest internally and to be more productive and present the rest of the day. Whether its 5/10 min or 30 it's life  changer​. Every. Single. Day.

Take time off the top. At the bottom there's nothing left.

"As you build your thoughts you build your life"

Your life is a result of the thoughts, words, and images that fill your time, your eyes, your mind, and your mouth.

Having a Healthy Relationship



Having a good relationship with your food is a major part of your physical well being, your goals, and how you enjoy your life. Love your body: Feed it good things that are made with love They're going to taste better, and you will feel better having given your body more of what it needs. Feed your goals: Whether it's taking the kids to soccer, running a 10k, or building a booty, you gotta eat. Deprevation causes your body to hold onto food like the titanic is going down. Eat *more of the right foods* and your body can metabolize and energize and do what it was made to do. Enjoy your life: Fun foods are great for fun occasions. a can't have/deprivation mindset can cause a binging habit. If you can have it in moderation that changes your mindset. 

You have to eat. You shouldn't dread it, regret it, or loathe it. 

Cookbook Coming Soon

A few of my favorite things sweet, savory, and fun! Will be available in digital downloads

and on Amazon Summer 2022!


Live Your Life

Fully Present Fully Alive

andHeart Space


We are all dealt very different hands in this life. The ones that shape us in our childhood and youth. The ones that reinforce or redefine that as we come of age. And then the factors of life, the rain that falls on us all like the sun that shines on us all.


The biggest factor being that space of okay but what do I do with . . . now that I know it's something I need or want to evolve. One of the hardest places in life to be is to see a goal or hearts desire and for it to be within reach but still intangible. It's disheartening and to say the least, sucks. 


Make it your own, take the time off the top to take care of yourself, not your pedicure, but your heart and your mind, how you see yourself, and the world, and how you feel at the beginning and end of each day is vital to you. And I know for a fact we need you. You wouldn't be here existing if the world didn't need your light.

You've got to live in this space. Make it a Judgement free zone.