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YOU count, you have purpose, and you are worthy.  No matter if you believe in intelligent design or a heavenly Creator you were born with dreams, talents, and giftings that were meant to be cultivated and released for the good of this world and those living around you.  As we stop to listen to what truly is on people’s hearts it always come down to being known - identity and to have purpose - impact.  Who am I? And what was I born to do?  



We take the time to connect to our intuitive place and during this process we become our own dreamsmiths – As an Artisan who shapes metal from one form to another; one who forges out his/her own dreams through a creation of a Dream Journey book.

"When Kristina first introduced the idea of the vision book I was absolutely ecstatic. I work in the creative world all the time - I'm a music composer - and so that part is down pat, but putting my goals and visions down on paper is not something that I do usually..."

A time and space designed to help you become your own dreamsmith by connecting who you are and what your path is to your “North Star”.  Where you are fully realized, walking out your dreams to the fullest potential and living from a place of abundance and joy.  

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