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LOVE – to help you understand that you were designed to love yourself and others by the Creator who is LOVE


IDENTITY - to help you align with who you are and what you were born to do


FREEDOM – to live your best life by releasing your voice from a place of Love, safety and honor



To create an atmosphere where people can capture who they are and what they were created to do in a visual format – a Dream Journey book and in a collaborative effort speak into one another’s lives to make this piece complete.  

To develop and train others who would like to start their Dream Journey Studios locally, nationally and internationally for both adults and children.  Partner with organizations such as The Justice Group that helps victims of prostitution and child slavery transition out of those lifestyles to their true destinies. 




EMPOWER – to activate and impact you to transform your sphere of influence


WISDOM – to help you gain understanding to live from the Creator’s perspective of LOVE


COLLABORATION – to strengthen lives and purpose through connections






I love that everything has a purpose and deeper meaning then usually meets the eye. 

The design for the Dream Journey Studio logo was birthed as an expression of the seven mountains of society:  Religion, Family, Business, Education, Celebration (Arts), Media, and Government.  Each of us is focused on and influences one or more of these mountains in different seasons over our life time.  


When I began developing, co-mingling meaning with design, I rediscovered that I have always been drawn to circles.  The smooth, flowing swirls of circles beautifully depict the creative fluidity of the Dream Journey process.


If you look closely you will see that the design actually entails all 7 mountains in circles - like swishes - you can count 7 across.  Each is given their own importance by not being tightly wound in 7actual circles. The tall up-reaching tail is actually the line that reaches and connects to your “North Star”, your Creator, the One who knows your heart’s desires even before your were born.    

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