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Per individual - $45.00

Groups up to 5 - $65.00 each

Groups of 6 or more - $85.00 each


Supplies to bring: scissors and any magazines, catalogs and postcards that are okay to cut up


Supplies provided: Journal books, glue and extra magazines

Location: anywhere there is room enough to create a “studio”. 


Additional fees: travel for 45 minutes + is $50.00


*Please note that the workshop will cover the collage part of the book and beginning of the back side whatever is not finished during the workshop we ask parents to make sure the child completes it at home.

Dream Journey Studio has designed a vibrant fun program to help children connect with who they are and find their path to their “North Star”.  What is the “North Star”?  It’s basically the place where you are fully realized, walking out your dreams to their fullest potential and living from a place of abundance and joy. 


Through a visual creative project we engage our right brain and later our left brain, as we ask children (ages 8+) to go on a journey that will speak back to them about how they see themselves, the world around them and how they can make an impact. Children have fewer hindrances because they have not experienced enough of life that would bring fear in the equation of tapping into their true desires.  So it’s a perfect time to have a tangible component – a Dream Journey Book to reflect their person and passions.


Your child’s Dream Journey Book* will provide you as the parent insight which will help you to steward your child’s life purpose(s).  Many times we hear from parents they are better able to invest in supplemental classes that align with their children’s heart desires as opposed to going after what everyone else is doing.  This gives the child an opportunity to explore more “out of the box” type programs such as apprenticeships, coding/engineering, specialty clubs, even community stewardship programs.  This would even give them a chance to meet peers that are truly vested in the same interests and have the similar values as well.



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